Faculty & Staff

School faculty and staff are listed below with the grade level and/or position held.  If the staff member has a website, the link will be listed to the right.
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NameEmailGrade and/or PositionWebsite
NameEmailGrade and/or PositionWebsite
Debbie Chandler dchandler@burke.k12.nc.us Music   
Sara Pons spons@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children   
Laura Black lblack@burke.k12.nc.us Speech  
Cindy Roscoe croscoe@burke.k12.nc.us 5th Grade  
Leslie Carpenter lcarpenter@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children  
Emma Watson ewatson@burke.k12.nc.us 5th Grade  
Lora Whitener lwhitener@burke.k12.nc.us 5th Grade  
Rachel Holland rholland@burke.k12.nc.us 5th Grade  
Amy Piercy apiercy@burke.k12.nc.us 4th Grade  
Rhonda Haynes rhaynes@burke.k12.nc.us 4th Grade  
Ashley Brown abrown@burke.k12.nc.us 3rd Grade  
Jennifer Kearson jkearson@burke.k12.nc.us 3rd Grade  
Rhonda Burgess rburgess@burke.k12.nc.us 3rd Grade  
Angie Alexander aalexander@burke.k12.nc.us 2nd Grade  
Lori Benton lbenton@burke.k12.nc.us 2nd Grade  
Tammy Fleming tfleming@burke.k12.nc.us 1st Grade  
Lynn Lawson lawson@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten  
Melissa Shaw mshaw@burke.k12.nc.us PreK  
Joyce Imboden jimboden@burke.k12.nc.us School Nurse  
Tammy Smith tjsmith@burke.k12.nc.us Office Support  
Tracy Oliver toliver@burke.k12.nc.us Reading Specialist  
Donna Ledford dledford@burke.k12.nc.us Teacher Assistant  
Kelli Reece kreece@burke.k12.nc.us Teacher Assistant  
Rebecca Shuping rshuping@burke.k12.nc.us Teacher Assistant  
Ruth Crotts rcrotts@burke.k12.nc.us Teacher Assistant  
Sandy Denton sdenton@burke.k12.nc.us Teacher Assistant  
Shelia Hefner shefner@burke.k12.nc.us Teacher Assistant  
Shelly Spoon sspoon@burke.k12.nc.us Teacher Assistant  
Pam Allison pallison@burke.k12.nc.us Head Custodian  
Tommy Brown tlbrown@burke.k12.nc.us Custodian  
Roney Parker reparker@burke.k12.nc.us Custodian  
Star Baughman lbaughman@burke.k12.nc.us 2nd Grade  
Jennifer Head jhead@burke.k12.nc.us 1st Grade  
Erin Moody erinmoody@burke.k12.nc.us 1st Grade Ms. Moody's First Grade Class 
Stephanie Cook scook@burke.k12.nc.us 4th Grade Mrs. Cook's Classroom  
Barbara Jamison barbarajamison@burke.k12.nc.us Guidance Counselor SES Counselor Website 
Beth Buckner bbuckner@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children  
Jennifer Hampton jhampton@burke.k12.nc.us Media Coordinator Salem Media Center 
Crystal Smith cwsmith@burke.k12.nc.us 1st Grade  
Elaina Benson ebenson@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten  
Kathy Michaels-Norman kmichael@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten  
Katie Huffman kehuffman@burke.k12.nc.us 3rd Grade  
Joy Benton ajbenton@burke.k12.nc.us Office Support  
Brian Lowman blowman@burke.k12.nc.us Physical Education  
Carla Efird cefird@burke.k12.nc.us Assistant Principal  
Leah Cline leahcline@burke.k12.nc.us PreK  
Martha Causby mscauby@burke.k12.ncus Kindergarten  
Gail Ross gross@burke.k12.nc.us Art  
Shane Gardner gardners@burke.k12.nc.us Principal  
Showing 49 items